My name is Boshia Raejean and I'm a Transformational,  Speaker, Model, Artist, Teacher,  and Art Director from Newark New Jersey, and I was put here to make a change. My purpose is to educate humans on the importance of the foundation in our humanity, through the Black Sci-Fi experience, Afrofuturism. I boldly use my lyrics, fashion, and content to questions the world we live in. I'm a Hip Hop Culture Critic that provokes critical thought on the exploitation of Hip Hop Culture today. By focusing on two of the four elements of Hip Hop Emceeing, and Dance introducing curriculums I've built to teach students from early childhood to professional development. I’m shifting the way Hip Hop is seen and utilized in academia, fashion, film, and social media through my fresh perspective and passion I'm connecting humanity with the power of Hip Hop. It is one of my many purposes to manifest a space for Humanity to build Social, Communal and Global Change with and through the art of Hip Hop.

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